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The Enticing Malibu Gifts Collection of Birthday Gift Boxes

Great, it’s a loved one’s birthday! What are you planning on getting them? Are you going the usual route of getting them an item of clothing they won’t use or will you venture out into getting something they’ll put somewhere in their house only to forget it later? Well, if you want to make sure they enjoy whatever you get them, try the Malibu Gifts collection of birthday gift boxes.


Everyone loves cookies, but most of us probably get stuck on the same roster of traditional cookies. You have chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin, yes, and these are obviously delicious in their own right. However, there are plenty of different cookies out there and we at Malibu Gift are determined to invite you to explore them. Our Cookie and Creams birthday gift box combines two different approaches to cookies for your loved ones’ enjoyment. On one hand, you have dark chocolate strawberry creams, while on the other you have Graham crackers heavily doused in dark chocolate of their own. Between the different textures and consistencies of these two treats, this box is bound to be an experience for anyone who receives it.


Truffles are always a delight, yes, but they are particularly enticing when well paired. Your loved one is probably bound to open up a bottle of wine to celebrate their birthday, and if there is something that pairs well with wine it’s truffles. This is why the Malibu Gifts Wine Tasting Birthday Box has a box of delicious truffles alongside two Malibu etched stemless wine glasses and a decorative wine pourer and aerator. This way, whoever receives this gift will be able to enjoy their truffles with some properly aired wine in a tasteful new glass. If you want to pair the gift box and the truffles, with a bottle of wine as well, we recommend sweet white wines such as Rieslings and Moscatos, for these will complement the sweetness of truffles. So will Sherries, Ports, and similar dessert wines. 


If you are feeling nutty more than anything else, we have plenty of different combinations that will make the gift box wholly your own. Maybe whoever you are giving these Malibu gifts to loves nuts as long as they are covered with chocolate. In this case, we have our Dark Chocolate Birthday Gift Box, which has chocolate covered almonds and raisins. If not, we have the Nutty Birthday Gift Box, including the same dark chocolate covered almonds with a bag of butter toffee mixed nuts that create a unique taste of their own. Lastly, our Tropical Birthday Gift Box evokes delicious tropical tastes with roasted salted cashews and dark chocolate covered coconut. There are gift boxes for all tastes.

Birthday Malibu Gifts

These are all just the beginning of the extensive catalog we have here at Malibu Gift. We are determined to curate a wonderful collection of birthday Malibu gifts so that you can give your loved ones what they deserve. So, whether you think they would like rich truffles or gourmet nuts, we have the right presents for you to give them on their special day. Go ahead and browse our website, for you never know what you will find. 

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