Picking the Right Truffle Gifts for the Occasion in Question

Malibu Gift 08/01/20

Chocolate truffles remain undefeated as some of the best delicacies out there. They are rich and delicious without being overwhelming, carefully balanced in terms of just how indulgent they can be. That’s what makes truffle gifts such wonderful presents. Picking the Best Truffle Gifts Truffles can be good for a variety of special occasions. In…

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How to Pair Malibu Gift Truffles with Wine

Malibu Gift 07/16/20
wine pairing truffles

You’ve probably heard us mention before that our collection of Dark Chocolate Truffles pairs beautifully with a glass of wine so we figured it’s high time we made you a pairing guide for casually luxurious combinations. Wine pairing truffles usually involve a full-bodied red to compliment the rich dark chocolate, though our variety of flavors…

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