Surprise Your Friends or Family with a Quarantine Gift

As the weeks of staying at home tick by, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stay away from friends and family. You’ve probably seen people breaking the rules of social distancing all around you, making it even tougher to continue to follow them yourself. Your sacrifices of social distancing to flatten the curve should be rewarded! Treat yourself or someone you love with one of our caramel popcorn tins or our famous dark chocolate truffles. 

caramel popcorn tins

Brighten Up Someone’s Day With Treats

There are good days and bad throughout the quarantine period. At this point, we’ve all found our ways of coping and maintaining happiness at home, but nonetheless, we could all use a pick me up from time to time. Sending a loved one an edible gift is a great way to brighten up their day from afar. One of our best sellers and top-rated edible gifts is our gourmet caramel popcorn tins. This addictive snack is the perfect addition to a movie night at home when we can’t have our usual popcorn at the theater. Our exclusive popcorn has a hint of sea salt making it our signature style that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s sealed in a beautiful Malibu Gift tin with our Malibu Gift Box, making the delivery as exciting as the product. 

Malibu Gift’s Famous Dark Chocolate Truffles 

Another signature product at Malibu Gift is our famous dark chocolate truffles. The intricate dimensions of their design are unlike any other confection you’ve seen before. With 7 varieties, you’ll be sure to find one your gift receiver will love. Choose between our Dark Chocolate Cherry, Coconut Cream, Espresso, or the original Malibu Dark Chocolate Truffle. We even have two vegan options, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Orange Vodka, and a gluten-free option, Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Spice.  

Clean Ingredient Lemon Butter Cookies

If your gift receiver isn’t a dark chocolate fan or wouldn’t love a caramel popcorn tin, then our lemon butter cookies are sure to please. As one of our fans once said, they’re the “best lemon cookies I’ve tasted in years.” The best part about these cookies is their clean and minimal amount of ingredients. Whole grain wheat flour, real butter, cane sugar, real lemon juice, vanilla, sea salt, and baking soda make up these cookies, so you can indulge in them knowing you aren’t eating any harmful additives. 

Check out our full gift collection of treats for plenty of options to brighten your day or that of someone you love. We also offer a variety of coffee roasts and flavors, perfect for the coffee connoisseur in your life.

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