Simple Ways To Make Your Clients Feel Valued


Life has sped up beyond imagining. There’s not much time anymore for the niceties, which is why it’s so important when you do go out of your way for someone. And who deserves that more than the people putting you on the map? Show them that they’re important to you with these simple ways to make your clients feel valued.

Put It in Writing

It’s safe to say that written correspondence is a lost art. It seems quaint that we used to wait for messages to come through the postal service. But this mail still offers a special charm. Send a card or note with just a few words from the heart. Keep track of birthdays or other special occasions as opportunities for saying hello. But there’s never a bad time to say thank you or tell someone you appreciate them.

Give Them a Taste of Success

We all deserve little presents now and then. They’re even more meaningful for your clients if you send something you know they’ll love. Consider some custom chocolate gifts. You can order individualized boxes with cookies, gourmet popcorn, or wine accessories. Or let them know you remembered their diet with a special delivery of high-end coffee. Keep track of what they love so you can customize a gift even more next year.

Check In Without an Agenda

Clients aren’t deals or transactions. They’re people just like you. Don’t hesitate to devote some time to getting to know them and their families, interests, and backgrounds. If you can find common ground, it can help cement your bond and even lead to unexpected business opportunities. A casual check-in is a simple way to make your clients feel valued because it’s sincere. Let it be a chance for them to give you feedback and share service issues. Or simply exchange a few pleasant minutes of conversation that you both enjoy.

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