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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gifts to Give

Every year more than 58 million pounds of chocolate is purchased during Valentine’s Day week. Though not all chocolate is created equal. There are regular Valentine’s Day Chocolates, and then there are Malibu Gift’s Valentine’s Day Dark Chocolate Creams. Available in three creme de la creme cream flavors; including chocolate cream and our instantly popular orange and lemon citrus cream. A luxurious take on traditional chocolate gifts. Every order comes with ten (10) chocolates that are finely double layered in an elegant red box. Good for the heart and great for the soul, these Valentine’s Day chocolates are a casually luxurious gift to give your loved ones. Expect to be highly regarded for your expert chocolate selection.

Malibu Gift takes great pride in sourcing the finest ingredients for all of our products from around the world. Enjoy the casual luxury of our dark chocolate creams on their own or with other sweet and savory products of your choice. Curate your perfect Valentine’s Day gift giving moment for yourself in the Malibu Gift Customized Gift Box shop now.

Every gift from the Malibu Gift shop is packaged to overflow with thoughtful extras for a gift giving experience unlike any other. And, all of our Valentine’s Day Chocolates and other chocolate gifts are expertly cold-packed for maximum freshness, and delivered from Malibu.



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MalibuGift.com takes great pride in selecting the finest products available. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns of food items. If for some reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we want to hear from you! Please contact Customer Service at [email protected].



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