Sweet Confit Gourmet Spreads for Cheese & More


L’Epicurien Sweet Confit Gourmet Spreads

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Give a Gift of luxurious but sublime gourmet spreads and nibbles that pair terrifically with any favorite cheese & wine.  Malibu’s favorite spreads include our Sweet Confit Gourmet Spreads nibbled while on our crusty slices of bite sized pieces of toast alone or with your favorite cheese — these are some of the most delicious spreads you’ll ever taste.  Confit is a type of condiment that is made by cooking seasoned fruit or vegetables until a jam consistency is achieved. 

This Holiday, we assort 3 sweet gourmet confit spreads in our Gift Boxes.  Try our favorite Fig and Walnuts Confit spread on our toast bites or with your favorite goat cheese or any soft mild white cheese.  Next, L’Epicurien creates a confit of sweet apples, crisp cider and Calvados (apple Brandy) in this French artisan jam that pairs wonderfully with French soft cheeses like Pont l’Evêque and Camembert.  Our third confit is a delectable combination of Williams Pears and White Wine.  Spread this confit onto our toast with Roquefort or Bleu cheese, match it with a chilled white wine.  

Our Chefs have just come back from France and imported this wonderful assortment of Sweet Confit Gourmet Spreads for cheese that are perfect for our Holiday Gourmet Gifts Boxes.  Our local chefs just haven’t been able to beat these imports of L’Epicurien’s Confit Gourmet Spreads.

3 Bottles: 4.4 oz ea

2 Mini Toasts: 2.8 oz ea


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