Sugar Free English Toffee


SUGAR FREE English Toffee Sticks


Huri Huri!  Sugar Free English Toffee is here to stay!  English Toffee Sticks are perfect with an afternoon cappuccino and now if sugar is a problem, we have the gourmet answer!  Our Sugar Free English Toffee is drenched in sugar free dark chocolate and rolled in toasted almonds to finish off the perfect toffee!  It’s a crunchy delight and just simply “addictive” but with no sugar.  This is quite a casually luxurious gift to give yourself or others for any occasion!

Our Gift Box of English Toffee  includes approximately 12-13 oversized Toffee Bars depending on the hand shaped size.  This is a perfect treat or gift to open and enjoy in a casually luxurious setting!

MalibuGift manufactures and distributes the finest luxury gourmet food gifts and home goods.  Every item in the MalibuGift shop has been carefully sourced from the finest ingredients.   We use the most fresh and natural ingredients available for the confectionary product we manufacture.    All of our gift boxes are packed with a touch of casual luxury and provides a gourmet gift giving experience.   Every order is packed to perfection and overflowing with thoughtful Malibu influences that our customers love.  Worried about shipping chocolate in the Summer?  We have thought of it all.  Our chocolate products are expertly cold-packed when the weather is too warm.  MalibuGift takes on this expense because we want to encourage gifting all year round!



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