MalibuGift’s Seahorse Espresso Shot Glass



This Espresso Shot Glass is a beautiful morning conversation starter and inspired by our  Malibu mornings!  This Espresso Shot Glass includes a special stainless steel handle that is luxurious, fun, and unique.  These cultivated shot glasses add a special touch to any dining table or bar.  Enjoy a wonderful shot of our hand crafted  Dume Coffee Beans in these unique espresso shot glasses.  Maybe a shot of your finest liqueur or liquor?   We recommend hand washing for these beautiful glasses.

Today offers you our evolving sustainable platform of Gourmet Dark Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Creams, Cookies, Coffee and Nuts curated from one of our most favorite locations in the world, Malibu.   All of our Gourmet Food Brand’s ingredients are ‘clean and natural’ as defined on our site.   We also offer Gourmet Food Treats for your animals and ‘sustainable’ vintage items we think are great.

Our assortments of Gourmet Food Gift Boxes from MalibuGift are curated with our own sense of Casual Luxury & make great gifts to give for all occasions.​   Give, celebrate, remember & enjoy with one of our curated Gift Boxes or Customized Gift Boxes.


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