Malibu’s Roasted Almonds



Give a Gift of simple and delicious Roasted Organic Almonds that are dusted with sea salt and perfectly hydrated.   They have a nice toasty crunch that’s great as a snack or with your evening drink.  They are even great with your morning yogurt!

Malibu’s Roasted Organic Almonds are also a terrific item to add into a Customized Gift Box.  The Roasted Pistachios and Cashews are too.  The Toffee Butter nuts take a nut assortment to the next level.   The Butter Toffee Nuts are a combination of toasty nuts along with a crunchy and chewy toffee coating.  Malibu’s Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds are another gourmet treat option for your Customized Gift Box.  The Dark Chocolate Coated Raisins and Coconut would spice up any Gift Box!

Curate a Gift Box personally and add your own gift message.   Our Chocolates, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Truffles, Cookies or any of our gourmet treats are great choices for a Gift Box.  Build the gift box as you go and check out our Wine Finds for additional gifting ideas.

Don’t forget to check out Malibu’s pre assorted gift boxes for almost any occasion.  Click on our Luxury Food Gift Box  tab to see all of our personal favorite Gift Box assortments.

Gift Bag includes: Approx 8 oz packaged


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