Malibu’s Alpaca Wine Pourer and Aerator


Stainless Steel Alpaca Wine Pourer and Aerator

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This Stainless Steel Alpaca Wine Aerator is a collectable wine pourer and a perfect gift to give or keep and use yourself.  This Aerator is designed to pour and aerate your favorite wine at the same time.  It’s hard to believe, but our aerators offer an alternative to swirling, traditional decanting, and to aldouze (i.e. to wait for wine to breathe). This wine accessory handles all of that as you pour an amazing glass of wine.

A Stainless Steel Wine Aerator from MalibuGift is a great idea for customizing a gift box.  Our shapes include Whales, Eagles, Bears, Fish, Ducks, Moose, Mermaids, Alpacas and so many other fun options.  Combine an Aerator with our sand etched Malibu stemless and a box of Chocolate Truffles and you have created the perfect customized Gift Box.  If customization is not your thing, choose from our pre-assorted Gift Box options for any occasion.

This item is a great Malibu Wine Find and Gift to Give!  We’ve enjoyed taking our Aerators to the wineries in Malibu Canyon giving our friends the perfect pour as we taste our way thru the Canyon.  Malibu Canyons have become some of the most premier wine grape growing properties in the world.  Malibu’s wine tasting is simply an amazing experience.

The Dimensions of the Aerator is approx. 2″ x 4″


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