Malibu Campfire Coffee Mug


Large Ceramic Campfire Mug

The MalibuGift team has developed the ‘perfect’ 15 ounce Malibu Campfire Coffee Mug to enjoy our freshly roasted Dume Coffee from.  This ceramic Malibu Campfire Coffee Mug is the perfect coffee mug who’s edges are shaped to sip with proper aeration and who’s handle is the perfect D-Shape.  Its graphic designs applied in the United States are of the iconic Malibu sea life and fit perfectly into anybody’s casually luxurious ‘coffee’ cupboard.

At MalibuGift, we strive to provide some of the best gift ideas out there so you can Give a Gift that has a gourmet experience.   Our gourmet coffee products are an example!   The Dume Coffee Blends are Roasted to perfection and include a Bold Espresso Roast and a So Cal Blend that is our Roasters favorite.  It has a hint of Chocolate!  So many people rely on their coffee.  So, it really is no surprise that coffee is an amazing gift to give.   Give this Gift alone, give it in one of our curated Gift Boxes.  Customize a Gift Box yourself for that personal touch with our Customized Gift Box option.

For all of our chocolate lovers, pay attention to our assortment of Dark Chocolate Creams English Toffee and Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries. We carefully curate our gift boxes with a sense of casual luxury so that each one will impress your intended recipient. Look further throughout the site and you’ll find everything from Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups to our famous Malibu English Toffee Sticks.  English Toffee and all of our gourmet treats create a  casually luxurious Chocolate experience.  A gourmet chocolate truffle delivery from would satisfy even the pickiest chocolate lover. Give a Gift of Luxury Food Gift Boxes from


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