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Herbal Tea & Chocolate Covered Cherries Gift Box


Gourmet Chocolate & Gourmet Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box with Glass Blown Steeper & Cup

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Give a Gift and what a choice!  Our Herbal Tea & Chocolate Covered Cherries Gift Box is just a classy gift box.  Start by choosing your gourmet chocolate to include in your gift and we will pack it all for shipment.  Our loose leaf Organic Herbal Leaf Tea & Chocolate Covered Cherries Gift Box also includes a curated assortment 3 Tea Tins.  Your gift box will include an Herbal Blend, a Refresh Blend, and a Sleep Blend.  All blends are organic and herbal fro our partners at Heavenly Tea.  Each is packaged in their own Tin.  We then pack 1/2 lb of our Chocolate Covered Cherries which are our #1 Gourmet Chocolate gift we ship!   Don’t forget we also include our Glass Blown Steeper & Cup.  This gift box is a classy and luxurious choice of gift boxes curated by our Malibu Team.

Included is our Gourmet Milk Chocolate Covered Cherriees & 3 Tins of 1.2 oz Organic Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Blends, Glass Blown Steeper & Cup

MalibuGift manufactures and distributes the finest luxury gourmet food gifts and home goods.  Every item in the MalibuGift shop has been carefully sourced from the finest ingredients.   We use the most fresh and natural ingredients available for the confectionary product we manufacture.    All of our gift boxes are packed with a touch of casual luxury and provides a gourmet gift giving experience.   Every order is packed to perfection and overflowing with thoughtful Malibu influences that our customers love.  Worried about shipping chocolate in the Summer?  We have thought of it all.  Our chocolate products are expertly cold-packed when the weather is too warm.  MalibuGift takes on this expense because we want to encourage gifting all year round!

If you would like to curate your own Gift Box, use our our Customized Gift Box option and build a personalized assortment of Gourmet Gift Treats!