Gourmet Provencal Dijon Mustard Spread


Gourmet Mustard Spreads


Give a Gift of Malibu’s  luxurious Spread with a bite.  Our Gourmet Provencal Dijon Mustard Spread is just that.  It’s to be paired with your favorite cheese, meat, and wine or we like it as a simple snack on our mini toasts.

Mustards are traditionally used as an accent to meats and cheeses.   You can also use it in canapés or starters such as crostini or bruschetta, or you can stir a little into pasta dishes or sauces, use it as a marinade for meat and also for adding to casseroles and stews.  Our restaurant friends roll a spoonful into bread or pizza dough for a savoury boost that our Malibu Locals love.  Our Gourmet Provencal Dijon Mustard is a spread with a bite!

If a mustard spread is not your choice, this Holiday we also offer 3 gourmet tapenade spreads for Breads, Crackers and Meat that are all natural in our Gift Boxes.  Try our all natural Tapenade Noire aux Olives on our toast bites for a gourmet savory taste that’s perfect with your favorite cheeses and wines.  This choice of Delice d’Artichauts paste is smooth and creamy a perfect blend of artichokes, anchovies and lemon.  The Gourmet Artichoke Tapenade Spread is our Chef’s favorite spread!  The Delice de Tomates is a mix of sweet and savory taste that’s perfect for our bite sized mini toasts.  

Our Chefs have just come back from France and imported this Gourmet Sundried Tomato Tapenade Spread is perfect for our Holiday Gourmet Gifts Boxes.  Our local chefs just haven’t been able to beat these imports from Paris, France.

1 Bottle: 7.4 oz each


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