Chocolate Walnut Whipping Cream Fudge


Handmade and ABOUT 8-10 oz of Gourmet Chocolate Fudge with Walnuts

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It’s here!  Finally, our Gourmet Chocolate Walnut Whipping Cream Fudge has hit the market.  In the past, we’ve only sold our famous Fudge in our Stores but now we bring it online in our sampler sized candy box.  It’s much better than any homemade fudge because we use tempered chocolate & whipped cream to make our fudge rich and silky.  We make our Fudge in small batches for perfection so try it or gift it before our Fudge Candy sells out!  Our decadent, creamy Chocolate Walnut Whipping Cream Fudge Candy is a long-time favorite that keeps our Malibu locals wanting more.  It’s a rich, silky & smooth, classic creation of gourmet chocolate fudge with walnuts sure to wet your appetite and bring a smile to any face!

MalibuGift is a purveyor of the finest luxury gourmet food gifts and home goods.  Every item in the MalibuGift shop has been carefully sourced from the finest ingredients.   We use the most fresh and natural ingredients available for the confectionary product we manufacture.    All of our gift boxes are packed with a touch of casual luxury and provides a gourmet gift giving experience.   Every order is packed to perfection and overflowing with thoughtful Malibu influences that our customers love.  Worried about shipping chocolate in the Summer?  We have thought of it all.  Our chocolate products are expertly cold-packed when the weather is too warm.

Our Gourmet Chocolate Walnut Whipping Cream Fudge Candy comes in our sampler boxes & is hand made and is approximately 1/2 lb.   Such a great gift to give for Spring!


INGREDIENTS: Sugar, evaporated milk (milk, dipotassium phosphate, carrageenan, and vitamin D3), whole milk, corn syrup, walnuts, cream, chocolate liquor, hydrogenated coconut oil, invert sugar, Contains 2% or less of: butter (pasteurized sweet cream (milk), salt), potassium sorbate – a preservative, natural flavors, salt, soy lecithin emulsifier.

CONTAINS: Milk, walnuts, soy. Shares equipment with products containing peanuts, tree nuts, egg, and wheat.


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