Chicken and Apple Dog Treat Gift Box


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The Chicken and Apple Dog Treat Gift Box will pamper your pooch.   This Gift Box of dog treats includes 3 bags of treats in our gift tin for your pooch.   It is in part because of our sustainable tin that our dog treats make a great gift to give as well.  Let’s celebrate your friend or family’s pooch Holiday by gifting Malibu’s Chicken and Apple Dog Treat Gift Box.  They are  made with dehydrated real white meat chicken wrapped around a slice of apple which creates a sweet natural flavor your dog will LOVE.   Our pet treats are curated by Malibu Animals which means they are  made without any artificial colors or flavors.  These treats happen to be tested by our very on pooch to verify that they meet our highest-quality standards.

Find the perfect gift for your fur baby by choosing one of MalibuGift’s natural gourmet dog treat gift boxes.   These gifts provide the perfect casual luxury that any friend or family in your life will appreciate.  Showcase your thoughtfulness with a present that their pet will love.  Our wide selection of gourmet dog treat gift boxes allows you to choose one that will make both the dog and the owner very happy.  Check out our Customized Gift Box option to curate your own Pet gift.


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