Cheese Knife Set


Laguiole Cheese Knife Set

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Create your gourmet customized charcuterie gift box this Holiday season.  Our cheese knife set is from Laguiole and is a perfect gift idea for a hostess so they can slice and serve cheese at their next gathering, cheese party, family dinner, or just while alone with panache.  Include our cheese knife set in your charcuterie board gift box!

Along with our charcuterie accessories, MalibuGift assorts 4 sweet gourmet confit spreads in our Gift Boxes. Confit is a luxurious type of sweet spread that is made by cooking seasoned petals, fruit, or vegetables until a jam consistency is achieved.  It’s a delicious french spread for cheese and pairing with your favorite wine.    

Try our old time favorite Williams Pears and White Wine Confit.  It’s a favorite because of how it pairs so nicely with stronger cheeses.  Spread this confit onto our toast with Roquefort or Bleu cheese, match it with a chilled oaky white wine.  Fig and walnuts confit spread on our toast bites or with your favorite goat cheese or any soft mild white cheese.  If that’s not your favorite, L’Epicurien’s apple cider confit gourmet spread creates a confit of sweet apples, crisp cider and Calvados (apple Brandy) and pairs wonderfully with French soft cheeses like Pont l’Evêque and Camembert.  Why not buy all 3 in a Gourmet Gift Box.  We have a special Confit of Rose Petals that you also have to try.  It’s a limited time.  

You won’t beat a good confit as a great charcuterie board additive!   We have savory tapenade spreads as well.  Check them out!  Our Chefs have just come back from France and imported this wonderful assortment of Sweet Confit Gourmet Spreads and Savory Tapenade’s for cheese and wine pairing.  Our Malibu chefs just haven’t been able to beat these imports of L’Epicurien’s Gourmet Spreads.

Today offers you our evolving sustainable platform of Gourmet Dark Chocolate Truffles, Candies, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Chocolate Creams, Cookies, Roasted Coffee Beans and Nuts curated from one of our most favorite locations in the world, Malibu. All of our Gourmet Food Brand’s ingredients are ‘clean and natural’ as defined on our site.


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