Charcuterie Sausage & Cheese Spreads


Charcuterie Board of Gourmet Sausage, Cheese, & Mustards Spreads

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Malibu’s  luxurious Charcuterie Sausage & Cheese Spreads are a perfect Charcuterie delight.  These gourmet sausages and the cheese spread are to be paired with your favorite wine or drink.  This Gift Box is a savory Charcuterie assortment

In our Charcuterie Sausage & Cheese Spreads Gift Box, we also assort 2 French Dijon Mustards for the Sausages as spreads for Breads, Crackers and Cheese pairings.  Malibu’s favorite Sweet Confit Gourmet Spreads is a type of condiment that is made by cooking seasoned fruit or vegetables until a jam consistency is achieved.  

Atop or Cotton Gingham Tea Towel is a cute Parisian pair of spreading knives which are included along with our Himalayan Salt Block used for serving.

Our Chefs have just come back from France and imported this wonderful assortment perfect for our Holiday Gourmet Gifts Boxes.  Gift Box Includes: 2 Dijon Mustard Spreads 7.4 oz ea, 1  3.75 oz Camembert Cheese Spreads, 2  4 oz Summer Sausage, 1 Mini Toast Bag 2.8 oz ea, Parisian Knife Set, 1  1.2 lb Himalayan Salt Block


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