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Gourmet Coffee Gifts


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Gourmet Coffee Products
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Gourmet Coffee Products

At Malibu Gift, we strive to provide some of the best gift ideas from luxurious gourmet coffee products curated locally in Malibu.  Our gourmet coffee products include hand Roasted Coffee and Espresso Beans with curated Blends that are Bold and Rich.  We have also curated Luxurious Espresso Shot Glasses with rich Pewter handles and iconic Malibu Campfire Coffee mugs.  Selected for one of our pre assorted Gift Boxes that includes Gourmet Coffee Products or curate one of your own.

MalibuGift strives to provide thoughtfully curated gift ideas so you can have confidence that a gift you give will create a luxurious gourmet experience for the recipient.   Our gourmet coffee products are an example!   The Dume Coffee Blends are Roasted to perfection and include a Bold Espresso Roast and a So Cal Blend that is our roasters favorite.  It has a hint of Chocolate!  Check out our Pewter handled Espresso Shot Glasses for a real luxurious coffee experience.  Many, many people depend on their coffee.  So, it really is no surprise that gourmet coffee products are amazing gifts to give.   Give a gift of one of our curated Gift Boxes or customize a Gift Box yourself for that personal touch with our Customized Gift Box option.

For all of our chocolate lovers, pay attention to our assortment of Dark Chocolate Creams, English Toffee and Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries.  They are luxurious treat options to enjoy with your Gourmet Coffee Products.  Look further throughout the site and you’ll find other great treats to enjoy with coffee from Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups to our Gourmet Cookies.  All of our gourmet treats create are a casually luxurious Chocolate experience to share with gourmet coffee and wine.  A gourmet chocolate truffle delivery from would satisfy even the pickiest coffee and chocolate lover.

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