Gourmet Wedding Gift Boxes

Something paper, something cotton, something leather, something wood. Keeping track of what to give your spouse on your next anniversary might be tricky but finding something to fit the traditional list might be even trickier. Leather and wood are one thing, but what are you supposed to get your partner when the suggestion is ivory or tin? The best thing to do, we think, is to go for something that will bring you two together. On one hand, that can be a present you know they will carry with them for a while. On the other, we believe a shared experience is a great call as well. In order to give you ideas for that experience, we have developed our very own MalibuGift gourmet wedding gift boxes.

Gourmet Wedding Gift Boxes for All Tastes

Everyone celebrates their anniversary differently. Some people enjoy going all in on a romantic dinner somewhere nice, maybe even while taking a trip. Others simply want to stay in, light a few candles, and open a bottle of wine. We can’t quite help you with the former, but we can deliver a wonderful experience at home with one of our amazing wedding anniversary food gift boxes. Once you’ve picked and gotten a bottle of your favorite wine, Malibu Gift can take it from there. Pair an anniversary dessert box with our Malibu Wine Tasting Anniversary gift box—you can have the right wine glasses, the right truffles, and the right candle to enjoy your wine with on this special occasion.

Celebrate With Malibu Gift

Whether you are looking to create the perfect night together or to complement it, we at Malibu Gift have everything you need. Anniversaries are some of the most special personal celebrations you can share with someone, and we want to make sure you can enjoy it like you deserve to. Between our rich truffles and our wonderful candles, our wedding anniversary gift boxes will have what you need.

We have the best gift boxes for any occasion!

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    Charcuterie Board with Nuts Gift Box

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    Sweet Confit Gourmet Spreads for Cheese & More

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    Malibu’s Coffee Lovers Spring Gift Box

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