English Toffee for Sale

Malibu Gifts strives to provide all manner of amazing gift boxes for our wonderful clients. Many of our gift boxes come in the form of gourmet treats that are just too hard to pass up. One most enjoyed gift options is our gourmet English toffee—this gourmet treat is wrapped in Dark Chocolate and rolled in Toasted Almonds. They and just too good to be true. If you want some variety to go alongside your English Toffee, we also have already curated gift boxes in this collection that are combined luxuriously with our other amazing gourmet treats! If you can’t seem to find a combination you like among our gourmet English toffee you can always create a customized gift box including whatever gourmet treats you or your giftee enjoys best. If you have any questions about our gourmet English Toffee or our gourmet gift boxes, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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