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Best-Selling Lavish Gifts

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  • Dark Chocolate Coconut Cream Candies

  • Gourmet Chocolate Cherries and Tea Gift Box

  • English Toffee Sticks

    Sugar Free English Toffee

  • Chocolate Covered CherriesGourmet Chocolate gift boxes

    Chocolate Covered Cherries and Chocolate Creams Gift Box

  • Dark Chocolate Creams Giftboxcustom gift idea

    The Malibu Classic Gift Box

  • English Toffee SticksGourmet Gift Boxes

    English Toffee and Chocolate Covered Cherries Gift Box

  • Gourmet CandyWhite Chocolate

    Frosted Buttercream Fudge Squares

  • Gourmet Charcuterie Jams and Spreads Gift Box

  • sympathy scents

    Neroli Cedar Clear Reed Diffuser

  • Picnic Basket and Gift Box

    Malibu’s Picnic Basket Gift Box

  • Matcha Tea & Chocolate Gift Box

  • Gourmet ChocolateGourmet Gift Boxes

    Wine Tasting Gift Box

  • Yoga Studio Organic Yoga Rug

  • Yoga Studio Mat Gift Set

  • Neroli Cedar Candle

  • Cashmere Oak Reed Diffuser


Luxury taste and gourmet ingredients await you in each one of our delicious treat boxes. We’ve compiled a prime selection of best-selling lavish gifts that are sure to please.

We at Malibu Gift are known for our delectable truffles and other chocolate delights, but if you’re not in the mood for chocolate today, never fear! Our wine glasses and accessories will find a welcome home on your counter or at your minibar.

For the kid in all of us, we’ve got cookies, brownies, and chocolate-smothered s’mores to feed that sweet tooth. No matter the occasion’s vibe, we’ve got a lavish gift for everyone. From truffles to toffee to saltwater taffy, Malibu Gift’s best sellers are sure to feed your cravings!