When to Reward Your Dog with Some Healthy Pet Treats

Malibu Gift 06/17/20
Healthy Pet Treats

If there’s something certain about dog treats it’s that dogs love them. You know your dog will go crazy the moment you even approach the shelf where you keep those treats. They definitely make your dogs very happy, which, in turn, will make you very happy as well. Getting some healthy pet treats for your…

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All the Different Healthy Pet Treats For You to Treat Your Good Dog

Malibu Gift 05/18/20
all the different healthy pet treats for you to treat your good dog

We all love our dogs and want them to have everything they could possibly want or desire. Of course, you can’t just give them a bite of your steak, as this could potentially make them sick. When you wish to reward them, you probably want to give them healthy pet treats that can make them…

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Gourmet and Sustainable Pet Treats at Malibu Gift

Malibu Gift 05/11/20
gourmet and sustainable pet treats at malibu gift

Natural Dog Treats at Malibu Gift  At Malibu Gift, we know your dog is part of your family. Feeding him or her quality treats is important to you as you search for clean and natural ingredients that will make them feel good. Our natural dog treats are made from simple ingredients without any artificial colors…

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