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MalibuGift’s Gourmet Dume Coffee Beans

Coffee is such an integral part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine going without it. Our Gourmet Dume Coffee Beans roasted locally in Malibu have been crafted with that same passion in mind. Our blends are perfect for a wide array of occasions and coastal coffee habits. The So Cal Blend is our favorite 😉  Here are the many ways in which you can enjoy our wonderful blends and unique tastes.

Start Your Mornings Right

Nothing gets your day started quite like a nice cup of coffee, does it?  Coffee is a great way to invigorate yourself in prep for the morning surf session or just about anything if you’re not a surfer.   Never underestimate just how important that first cup of coffee can be for anybody.  Our Dume Coffee Beans are blended for a European, South American, and Southern Cal taste experience.  Check out the roast description online.  So Cal is our personal favorite.

gourmet dume coffee beans

Indulge on a Shot of Espresso

Following the Italian tradition, espresso is the tastiest way to serve coffee with more caffeine per unit than most other coffee drinks. Espresso has become a very prominent option for those seeking to get some quick and effective energy at any point throughout the day. Sometimes you just need a wake up call in between projects or meetings for some needed support!  

Give the Gift of Malibu’s Gourmet Dume Coffee Beans

There are very few people out there who don’t enjoy a variety of coffee notes. After all, what’s not to like? It can taste rich and provides a daily sense of stability.  It wakes you up!   The only thing people like more than enjoying their own great coffee in the morning, is when a gift of excellent coffee is given to them they can enjoy.  We’ve worked hard to develop a blend everyone will be able to look forward to upon waking up in the morning.  The So Cal blend is our favorite.  This blend has notes that taste like “chocolate” 

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