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Malibu Gift Cookies are the Perfect $10 Gourmet Food Gifts

Ten dollars can get you a lot, but can they get you a lot of genuinely good sweets? Well, don’t worry, you will find plenty of $10 gourmet food gifts here at Malibu Gift. A highlight? Our cookies. There are so many different kinds of cookies that can easily appeal to all sorts of tastes, dietary restrictions, and preferences.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Tin

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies. Whoever says they don’t, well, they’re probably lying. Okay, maybe they’re not lying, but they are at the very least wrong. Chewy chocolate chip cookies are one of life’s simplest and most enticing delights. We have worked hard to develop our own take on this classic by crafting the best buttery chocolate chip cookies. Our famous Malibu Gift chocolate chip cookies are great $10 gourmet food gifts, individually wrapped and readily available in our sustainable gift tin. In this beautiful packaging, these cookies will make for the most delicious and provocative present. They are sure to delight just about anyone who receives such a thoughtful and tasty treat.

 $10 gourmet food gift

Sea Salt Brown Butter Drop Cookies Gift Box

Of course, some people might not be the biggest fans of chocolate chips cookies and that’s fine. This is why we have more options available with the buttery texture that makes cookies so appealing. Our sea salt brown butter drop cookies will delight you with the best flavors and textures to deliver a fulfilling and tasty treat. For those who want to add a kick of chocolate into the mix, we have our chocolate-dipped sea salt brown butter drop cookies that manage to incorporate just enough chocolate to heighten this snack. These are also readily available in a wonderful gift box so that you can give the gift of delicious cookies to a loved one.

Lemon Butter Cookies Tin

Sometimes, you don’t want to have only sweet chocolate or excessive sugar in your cookies. That’s what our delicious lemon butter cookies are for. The gentle tangy kick of lemon in these cookies creates a unique taste that is sure to brighten just about anyone’s day. Like all our other cookies, these come in a gorgeous gift tin that makes them the best present for anyone who loves a sweet treat now and then. Made with real butter, cane sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla, these keep the sweet factor down to a minimum, making them ideal for those who would rather not indulge in excessive sugar. There are Malibu Gift gourmet food gifts for all tastes and preferences.

$10 Gourmet Food Gifts

Malibu Gift can grant you the gift of delicious food so that you can pass it along to a loved one. Our catalog of $10 gourmet food gifts has plenty of different cookies for a wide array of tastes. We know just how important it is to offer a wide array of cookies so that everyone can find the ones they like. We want to make sure that you find the right gourmet cookies at Malibu Gift and our catalog reflects that. 

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