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Last Minute Client Gifts for the Holidays

2020. The year of surprises; and not many good ones. It seems everywhere you turn there’s a story of struggle, loss, worry, and fear. Yet in the midst of it all, we’re all finding ways to cling to shreds of light that remain in the darkness. Stories of philanthropy, neighbors helping neighbors, and kindness that shows the spirit of the good samaritan is still alive and well. 

With so much going on in the world, you can bet your clients have experienced some form of pandemic chaos in their own lives. As new businesses close their doors daily, it’s never been more important to be good stewards of the relationships and connections that we have now. 

Still, low profits and high concerns might be making you weary of investing in holiday gift giving this year. As much as you might be wondering if you can still afford to give last minute clients gifts, you should be asking yourself if your business can afford for you not to. 

Client gift giving, especially giving last minute client gifts, is a true art form. The idea of reciprocation, or reciprocity, is an influence and relationship generating tool that goes all the way back to the 1960’s when a man by the name of Alvin Gouldner, explored the benefits of cooperative interaction between two individuals. His early considerations and discoveries led another man by the name of Dr. Cialdini applied what Gouldner had learned to business and marketing. The most notable case study from their work being the exponential growth of the Hari Krishna religious group, who applied reciprocity to their evangelical efforts; giving a flower to every person who passed in an effort to garner more financial support. And… it worked! 

Apart from the instinctive urge to reciprocate when someone gives you something, last minute clients gifts also help you stake a claim on someone’s memory. When have you ever received so many client gifts that you forgot who sent them to you? 

What makes giving our luxury gourmet foods and home goods as gifts even more valuable is that the recipients usually don’t want to polish them all off by themselves. What do they do? They share the Malibu Gifts you send with their teams, who in turn develop warm fuzzy feelings for you too. You’ve not only made yourself memorable to your clients but to their team’s as well. 

Now back to bleeding budgets. Hey, we get it. And, we are here to help! Our $10 Treat Boxes are packaged in the same casual luxury boxes and tins as our more elaborate gift boxes. In fact, our most frequent review is that folks had no idea the gift they received was so affordable because the presentation was so upscale and beautiful. $10 Treat Boxes are the perfect last minute client gift for those you’d like to be remembered by, without investing more than they are spending.  

For larger, loyal, longtime clients, we have an entire collection of expertly curated Holiday Gift Boxes for you to choose from. Here’s a list of some of our bestsellers: 

Malibu’s Holiday Morning Gift Box – $79

Malibu Jolly Snack Gift Box – $59

Malibu’s Coffee Lovers Holiday Gift Box – $59

Malibu’s Holiday Family Gift Box – $129

NEW 2020 Chocolate Cookie Holiday Gift Box – $34 

The best way to spread holiday cheer is with chocolates and goodies that make you smile from ear to ear! Finish 2020 strong and get those last minute client gifts out as soon as you can. It’s totally better to give than receive and one good deed always welcomes another. 

From our family to yours, we wish you a very Happy Holidays and prosperous New Year!

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