Health Benefits of Nuts, Nuts You Can Eat on Keto, and More

Live life nutty! The health benefits of nuts

There are a ton of reasons why everyone is going absolutely “nuts” over the health benefits of nuts! And, it may not be what you think.

For starters, they are quite delicious and compliment a number of foods and food groups really well. This, and not only are nuts affordable, but they have tremendous health benefits too, like being really high in protein and the good kind of fats. Perhaps the best part is, nuts are also conveniently accessible. You can literally find them everywhere! In any kind of supermarket or even your local corner store. But, not all nuts are created equal and that’s what we’re here to break down for you. gourmet nuts and dark chocolate nut gifts

Nuts have always been popular, but only recently have people really been tuning into the amazing health benefits of nuts. In this blog, you’ll be learning about how nuts grow, why nuts are good for you, why nuts are considered healthy snacks, and much more. Get ready to get educated on everything there is to know about nuts so that you finish reading ready to crunch on some goodness; and maybe even try our decadent, finely coated collection of luxury dark chocolate nuts (humble brag, they’re the best!).

The birds, the bees, and where nuts come from.

To begin, let’s start off with how nuts grow. This is actually quite fascinating and likely unlike anything you may have guessed or imagined. Because nuts actually fall into the category of legumes, they begin their growth process underneath the dirt. Yes, legumes! Just like all of your favorite beans. 

Then, once their yellow flowers become pollinated, the petals fall down and so do their stems. Then, tiny nuts begin to form at the tips of the stems, in their dead stem’s place. This is the point of the growth phase when the nuts are ready to be plucked, washed, and eaten.  Honestly, you didn’t know that, right? 

Before continuing, consider this; how did you imagine that nuts were harvested? It’s quite the sight to see. 

We’ll get there but first, let’s address why nuts have grown so much in popularity in our diets. 

The benefits of adding nuts to your diet.

Despite widespread public knowledge that nuts are a high-fat food source, it is proven that they are high in the “good” kinds of fats; polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats, which lower LDL or “bad” cholesterol. 

gourmet nuts and gourmet almonds
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This makes nuts one of the best things you can do for your heart. The benefits of nuts don’t stop there though. Nuts are an excellent, high source of protein, which is good news for vegetarians. And, for those who are overall looking to find a good meal or snack substitute that is not only filling, but allows you to happily enjoy yourself without getting too much bad cholesterol, nuts are the best food for you. 

And finally, nuts all have ample amounts of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, including folate, vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium (the cure for nighttime leg cramps). 

It’s interesting how such a physically small food could be so dense with protein, nutrients, and the right kinds of fats; but, then again, the jam packed awesomeness is just one of the many great health benefits you get from eating nuts. 

You get a really good bang for your buck when you invest in a bag of nuts. Your purchase will most likely last you through a few midday snack breaks, maybe even a small meal, and will definitely save you several trips to the store if you’re measuring your portions right. 

And that right there is the kicker. The only thing you may have to worry about is practicing a bit of self-control, as nuts can be quite delicious and addicting! A sentiment shared by both adults and kids.

Still, for all of the reasons mentioned above, this is why nuts are considered healthy snacks. 

Snacks you can make using nuts.

There are so many health benefits you can get in a single serving of nuts and they are easy to get satiated from quite easily. You can even use your nuts to get creative and make some great concoctions, like trail mix or protein bars. Really you can use your nuts to make a lot of different healthy snack alternatives. It all starts with making the most out of the nuts you’re able to find and then adding other flavors into the equation. 

For example, are you a sweet and salty, mixing textures kind of person? Some people even like throwing our dark chocolate covered nuts, or butter toffee mixed nuts, into a bag of freshly popped popcorn. We recommend tossing a bag of our dark chocolate covered raisins into a bag of your favorite buttery popcorn – while it’s nice and hot. 

WARNING: Finger licking goodness is unavoidable.  

More ideas for making snacks out of nuts.

If you need a chocolaty nut fix before your Malibu Gift is delivered fresh to your door, plenty of folks know how to turn a classic bag of peanut M&M’s into a tasty snack with the right recipes for nuts. Try searching for things you can make with nuts or nuts to add to your diet. And, if you are interested in looking up more combinations of snacks to mix with nuts that you can treat yourself to, then be sure to also check the nutritional information of the extra ingredients to make sure you find your perfect combination of healthy (and the occasional unhealthy) finds. 

You’ll be happy to know that the internet has dedicated quite a bit of coverage to these tiny poppable miracle morsels. 

As long as you’re adding more nuts to your diet than the unhealthy foods you’re pairing them up with, you come out on top of your nutrition game every time! 

Nuts that have the most protein in them.

Now that we’ve got your snacking covered, plenty of people wonder what kinds of nuts have the most protein in them. You may be tempted to assume that all nuts have relatively the same amount of protein and carbs, but this definitely isn’t true.

Roasted Cashews
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Here is a list of the types of nuts that have the greatest amount of protein:

  • Walnuts
  • Pistachios
  • Cashews
  • Brazilian Nuts
  • Pecans
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts, and
  • Macadamia Nuts.

That is crucial information to know if you’re trying to bulk up or simply pack a very filling snack for a high calorie burning adventure. It’s also golden, random knowledge to know if you’re the type to end up on a game show; or at least like to pretend that you will.  

Nuts you can eat if you’re on the Keto diet.

As you focus on your health-life, another word you’ve probably heard around the fitness block is, “Keto”. 

Keto first became popular in the 1920s and 30s as a therapy developed for treating epilepsy. And, it’s been a popular health tool ever since. But, everyone who goes Keto has one question, “what kind of nuts can I eat on a keto diet”. 

Again, it is tempting to assume that because nuts are a protein, they don’t have a percentage of carbs in them, but that is an incorrect assumption that you don’t want to make. 

According to the all-knowing internet, the kinds of nuts that are acceptable to eat while on a Keto diet are the following:

  • Pecans
  • Brazilian Nuts, and
  • Macadamia Nuts

We know it’s a short list but, these nuts have the least amount of carbs and give your body the highest percentage of protein. Making them the perfect companion for your nuts on keto cravings. 

I’m nuts for nuts, but can I give nuts to my dog?

Now that we’ve got you covered, what about your most loyal and true friend? Your dog. 

One of the most searched questions is, “what nuts can dogs eat?” That’s right. Humans everywhere are turning to the world wide web to discover how they can share the joys of eating the deliciousness and benefits of nuts with their pets. And you may not be aware, but there actually are in fact very few nuts that dogs can eat. 

The list isn’t long but that’s good because it’s also easy to remember when you’re considering if nuts are safe for dogs to eat. The answer will be yes, if and only if, the nuts you feed to your dog are one of these three: almonds, Brazilian nuts and hazelnuts. 

However, because nuts are after all legumes (legumes have been linked to heart disease in dogs) these treats should be offered scarcely. Apart from being too high in fat for your dog to eat regularly, nuts can also cause other issues to develop in your pet. If you’d rather not risk it and still want to spoil your pup, head on over to our gourmet gift shop for pets to choose from a selection of clean and natural gourmet pet treats they’ll love and adore you for.

A recap on the health benefits of nuts and more.

So… Are you feeling a bit nutty? Are you about ready to go nuts? Hopefully, we’ve broken down everything you ever wanted to know about the health benefits of nuts. 

As you can see, there’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to the reasons nuts are considered a healthy snack.  Nuts can grow into a delicious source of high protein, while being so incredibly good for you and packed with all of that other good stuff too. 

That about wraps the benefits of eating nuts up in a nutshell. 

It’s incredible to consider that, just as this piece was packed so densely with information, so too are your nuts packed with nutrients! If you enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to share it and tune in to the next one.

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