The Best Gourmet Vegan Gifts Come From Malibu Gift

Malibu Gift 11/30/20
vegan dark chocolate truffles

Vegan diets are becoming more and more popular over the years. This is great for the environment, but when it comes to gourmet food gift-giving, it’s not so easy to find delicious vegan treats for your friends and family. This holiday season, as you’re preparing your dessert spread, head over to Malibu Gift’s website for…

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Create a Beautiful Thanksgiving Dessert Spread with Malibu Gift

Malibu Gift 11/03/20
Dark Chocolate Truffles

At Malibu Gift, we’re not just known for the incredible flavors of our decadent treats, but also the intricate and aesthetically pleasing looks of our dark chocolate truffles, cookie sandwiches, and even our pet treats. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’re excited to help you put out a casually luxurious spread for your…

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Malibu Gourmet Food Gifts to Wish Your Loved Ones a Speedy Recovery

Malibu Gift 10/23/20
malibu gift gourmet food

If there is anything worse than getting sick, it’s getting sick at this particular moment in time. Adding to the general stress of being sick in the first place is the stress and anxiety of caring for yourself or a loved one at a time where the last thing anybody wants is to get sick….

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Healthy Gourmet Gifts to Make Your Fall All the More Special

Malibu Gift 10/10/20
healthy gourmet gifts

Fall is here and, along with it, the change in mood and atmosphere that we all need. We all mark the change of the seasons in our own ways. Some raid the arts and crafts stores to make leaf ornaments and yard decorations. Others replenish their cool-weather wardrobe to receive the autumn chill. The one…

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Picking the Right Truffle Gifts for the Occasion in Question

Malibu Gift 08/01/20

Chocolate truffles remain undefeated as some of the best delicacies out there. They are rich and delicious without being overwhelming, carefully balanced in terms of just how indulgent they can be. That’s what makes truffle gifts such wonderful presents. Picking the Best Truffle Gifts Truffles can be good for a variety of special occasions. In…

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How to Pair Malibu Gift Truffles with Wine

Malibu Gift 07/16/20
wine pairing truffles

You’ve probably heard us mention before that our collection of Dark Chocolate Truffles pairs beautifully with a glass of wine so we figured it’s high time we made you a pairing guide for casually luxurious combinations. Wine pairing truffles usually involve a full-bodied red to compliment the rich dark chocolate, though our variety of flavors…

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The Enticing World of Chocolate Truffle Gifts

Malibu Gift 06/20/20
Gourmet Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

For a long time, chocolate truffles have become the height of fine desserts. Receiving a box of these delicious treats is almost unparalleled. After all, each truffle is bound to transform you through rich taste and an enticing texture. These are great for a variety of different occasions, some of which are outlined here. You…

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Shop with Malibu Gifts for Delicious Gourmet Food Gifts

Malibu Gift 01/21/20
healthy gourmet food gifts

Remember when we were young, and we were told that it is better to give than receive? When we gift without expecting anything in return, we bring ourselves and others emotional happiness, and unexpected joy. Gifts to Give are meant to affirm relationships between loved ones, spouses, family, friends, neighbors, clients, customers, peers, and employees….

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