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Finding Sustainable Gourmet Food Gifts Has Never Been Easier

Understandably, there is a recent focus on making everything sustainable. After all, we need to make sure that we ethically consume in a world facing serious environmental problems. This is why Malibu Gift has curated a good collection of sustainable gourmet food gifts for when you are in search of a nice present.

Growing Your Own Food

There’s nothing more sustainable than growing your own food. This, along with the recent trend of caring for plants brought on by quarantine, is what makes our own Grow Kit gift boxes the best sustainable food gifts available. With these gift boxes, you are giving the gift of sustainable healthy food that comes along with its own accompanying pastime. We could all use a hobby, and what better hobby than one that leaves you with your own salad greens and herbs? Our kits give you the necessary equipment to grow your own herbs and greens at home. The included organic non-GMO seeds have a two-year shelf life and an 85% growth rate when cared for. Our seeds have been assorted with our very own Malibu harvested seeds from the local organic farms. These include organic soil, biodegradable pots, and eco-friendly trays for your own countertop organic farm. 

sustainable gourmet food gifts

Antique Wine Accessories

Part of a sustainable lifestyle is reusing, which is why we offer a collection of antique wine accessories. There are people collecting different kinds of wine, just like they collect vintage wine accessories. Any wine enthusiast will enjoy getting a related present that they can use in order to enhance their wine experience. For example, an aerator and pourer will allow just about any wine being served to breathe and properly react to oxygen as you pour it. Meanwhile, corkscrews and corks allow you to open bottles and keep their contents safe and in optimal drinking conditions. At Malibu Gift, we have gorgeous decorative wine pourers and accessories. With these wine accessories as presents, you are showing your loved one that you care about their passions and interests, all the while enriching their wine-drinking experience.

Antique Tankards and Glasses

Among our many different antique and sustainable offerings, we also provide different drinking vessels for people to enjoy their coffee and wine. We have an ample collection of gorgeous stemless wine glasses available. These are Malibu-themed, decorated with patterns and designs relevant to the area and what it represents. However, if you are looking for something more classical and vintage, we have beautiful lidded tankards that immediately evoke an antique aesthetic. With our vintage tankards, you can have the perfect sustainable gourmet food gifts. They have a very unique aesthetic and a sense of old-fashioned luxury. At the end of the day, these tankards can make just about any drinking experience more sophisticated.

Sustainable Gourmet Food Gifts

At Malibu Gift, we want to make sure that we are providing people with the best sustainable gourmet food gifts for them to give their loved ones. Our catalog is sure to have something that special someone will appreciate in a present. Trust Malibu Gift to have what you need.

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