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Explore the Malibu Gift Catalog of Healthy Gourmet Gifts

It’s so hard to find healthy gourmet gifts nowadays. After all, the Venn diagram between healthy foods and delicious ones has a very limited intersection. The good thing is that the overlap between them can be a lot vaguer than that. Healthy doesn’t have to mean all vegetables. Variety is good, after all! These are some of the healthy gourmet foods you can find here at Malibu Gift.

Popcorn with Real Toppings

What’s your first thought upon reading about popcorn? It’s probably buttery movie theater popcorn that you devour within the first few minutes after finding your seat. If you think about it for a second you can probably feel the grease on your fingertips. That’s… not very healthy, is it? Well, no, which is why we have made sure to avoid that kind of thing with our own popcorn. That’s not to say that our popcorn is the epitome of health and a good diet. However, we avoid that artificial feeling of the synthetic butter found on your typical popcorn. We opt for rich, genuine toppings instead. Caramel, dark chocolate, and cheddar cheese are some of the flavorful toppings of our gourmet Malibu popcorn.

healthy gourmet gifts

Cookies, Truffles, and More

Saying that chocolate is health might be, well, a bit of an overstatement. However, it’s worth noting that there is a difference between the chocolate you randomly decide to get while on the checkout line at the supermarket and the one that we offer. Here at Malibu Gift, we make an effort to provide our customers with the best chocolate available. Our sophisticated and flavorful chocolate truffles are undeniable treats for just about any chocolate lover. You can also enjoy chocolate in our cookies and brownie-cookies. However, if you would like to enjoy healthy gourmet snacks, our catalog of chocolate-less cookies includes lemon butter cookies, sea salt brown butter drops, and coconut macaroons.

Healthy Treats for Your Pet

Of course, you don’t want to keep those healthy gourmet gifts just to yourself, do you? Your furry best friend probably wants in on the treats too! At Malibu Gift, we offer an array of unique pet treats that create new flavors with which you can pamper your pet as much as they deserve. Liver lover dog treats, chicken pet treats, and apple treats are only a few of the many options that we offer for you to reward your pet. We don’t know them, but we are pretty sure they’ve been very good lately and that they most definitely deserve a treat. If you’re thinking about getting something for yourself, consider grabbing something for your furry best friend on your way to the shopping cart.

Healthy Gourmet Gifts

In the end, the best healthy gourmet gifts aren’t the ones that only use the most healthy ingredients. They’re the ones that are actually made with the best ingredients, genuine flavors, and attention to the craft. Our Malibu Gift delicacies incorporate the best homemade sweets recipes. Whether you want to delight your pet with these treats or to get something nice and delicious for yourself, Malibu Gift has the best catalog there is. Go ahead and take a look!

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