Decadent Fruit-Inspired Treats for the Holidays

The weather outside may be frightful, but you’ll bring delighted smiles to your loved ones’ faces with these delicious and sweet fruity treats.

No matter what holiday you’ve got on the calendar, fruits and sweets are always a great combination. From gourmet chocolate-covered cherries to delicious candied fruits, you can add a little brightness to the holiday. Bring these decadent fruit-inspired treats for the holidays into your festive gathering, and your family’s smiles will be the greatest gift of all.


A classic for a reason, strawberries dipped in any kind of chocolate are sure to please. Whether the recipient is a friend, a family member, or a potential valentine, they’ll love strawberries drenched in chocolate. Try dark, milk, or white chocolate—strawberries aren’t picky about their coating!


Dark chocolate and cherries are a tried-and-true combination. Talk about luxurious—Malibu Gift’s offerings of gourmet chocolate-covered cherries are fully submerged in the finest chocolate. Watch your loved one open up that gorgeous golden box, pluck out a single covered cherry, and enjoy the full experience in one bite.


For a richer alternative to the humble ice pop, try a frozen banana dipped in milk chocolate and chopped nuts. Slice them up and drizzle it all with white chocolate or dip it in dark chocolate. Bananas are a great canvas for all kinds of sweet, chocolatey goodness. There’s a reason why banana splits taste so good drenched in chocolate syrup!


If you prefer white chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth, pair it with cranberries for either a delicious bite or a holiday cheesecake fit for royalty. The acidity of the cranberry cuts through the sweet, sweet sweetness of white chocolate. Save the dark chocolate for your cherries and strawberries.


The pear is a classic Christmas fruit, but its apple-like tartness lends itself to chocolate pairings for any holiday at any time of year. Offset that mouth-puckering sharpness with a generous dip or drizzle of dark chocolate. Talk about eating like royalty! Slice up a few pears, cover the slices in chocolate, and taste the beginnings of a decadent holiday tradition.

This holiday season, bring chocolatey luxury to your fruit basket and fruity goodness to your chocolate box. This handy guide to decadent fruit-inspired treats for the holidays will tantalize everybody’s taste buds!

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