Wedding Gifts in the Time of COVID-19

Malibu Gift 06/09/20
gourmet food gifts

Malibu Gift believes that no matter how tough things get, we can find a silver lining in anything. One silver lining is our belief that now, more than ever, food brings everyone together, even when far apart. Combine that with wedding season during social distancing and you need the perfect Malibu gourmet food gift to…

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Summery Treats for Barbeques, Cocktail Parties, and More!

Malibu Gift 06/05/20
vegan gourmet popcorn

Summer is in full swing here in the Los Angeles area and we’re excited about the fresh produce, healthy meals, and fruity cocktails that the season brings! At Malibu Gift, we have plenty of treats and gifts that complement the summertime. Our vegan gourmet popcorn, Lemon Butter Cookies, and more are the perfect addition to…

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Consider Giving Antique Culinary Gifts to Your Food Loving Friends

Malibu Gift 06/01/20
antique culinary gifts

At the time of giving presents, you have probably found it hard to give gifts to some of your more food-oriented friends. What should you give them? Should you get them something to eat? That’s always a good idea, but it’s so ephemeral that giving food all by itself usually doesn’t do it. It’s in…

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Vegan Dessert Gifts for that Special Someone in Your Life

Malibu Gift 05/25/20
vegan dessert gifts for that special someone in your life

Who doesn’t enjoy a good dessert after a nice meal? Pretty much everyone loves to indulge in a sweet, sugary treat following lunch or dinner. In fact, just because you have a dietary restriction, you shouldn’t be left out of the custom. Yes, if you are vegan you still should be able to enjoy a…

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Our Collection of Malibu Gourmet Food Gifts Deliver a Delicious Experience

Malibu Gift 05/20/20
malibu gourmet food gifts

When it comes to giving food gifts, you want to make sure you are only giving the best. After all, you want to show the person that you care about them and you want them to enjoy the experience of eating their present. In the interest of providing your loved ones with such a treat,…

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All the Different Healthy Pet Treats For You to Treat Your Good Dog

Malibu Gift 05/18/20
all the different healthy pet treats for you to treat your good dog

We all love our dogs and want them to have everything they could possibly want or desire. Of course, you can’t just give them a bite of your steak, as this could potentially make them sick. When you wish to reward them, you probably want to give them healthy pet treats that can make them…

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Gourmet and Sustainable Pet Treats at Malibu Gift

Malibu Gift 05/11/20
gourmet and sustainable pet treats at malibu gift

Natural Dog Treats at Malibu Gift  At Malibu Gift, we know your dog is part of your family. Feeding him or her quality treats is important to you as you search for clean and natural ingredients that will make them feel good. Our natural dog treats are made from simple ingredients without any artificial colors…

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Surprise Your Friends or Family with a Quarantine Gift

Malibu Gift 05/04/20
caramel popcorn tins

As the weeks of staying at home tick by, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stay away from friends and family. You’ve probably seen people breaking the rules of social distancing all around you, making it even tougher to continue to follow them yourself. Your sacrifices of social distancing to flatten the curve should be rewarded!…

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Malibu Gourmet Food Gifts and the Psychology of Gift Giving

Malibu Gift 04/22/20
Gift Giving

This is an uncertain time. The truth is that no matter when you read this, it will be true. Maybe it will be in the middle of a pandemic, an exceptionally hot summer, or during more apparent concerning times. There’s always something going on that people could use a respite from. What better respite than…

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Malibu Wine Glasses To Help You Celebrate Wine Culture

Malibu Gift 04/20/20
malibu wine glasses to help you celebrate wine culture

Wine culture is something that few people outside of it understand. People wonder what it is about a drink that sparks such passion in people. What they don’t know is that wine culture is a result of a long history spanning thousands of years. Our Malibu wine glasses are specifically designed for you to be…

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