Client Gifts and the Art of Giving Them

manager 10/05/20
malibu gift the art of client gift giving

Client Gifts and The Art of Giving to Build Meaningful, Lasting, and Profitable Relationships Many businesses across all industries often ask themselves the same question- how can we get more clients? And not only that- but how can we satisfy and retain the clients that we currently have? The reality is that abundance attracts abundance….

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Halloween at Home. The Best Halloween Ideas for 2020 🎃

manager 09/24/20
how to have a great halloween at home

Halloween Cancelled or Halloween at Home? Halloween this year falls on the 31st like it does every year, but there are going to be some changes because of COVID-19; like having Halloween at home, as you’ve probably assumed.  But, that does not have to put a damper on your spookfest!  Still, we know it’s hard…

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What is a Sommelier?

manager 08/31/20
what is a sommelier malibu gift best client gifts

What is a Sommelier? You’re not the only one asking. There are many people out there who don’t give a second thought about what they put into their bodies, perhaps because they aren’t passionate about food or maybe they are just in survival mode. And then there’s that percentage of the population that have refined…

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Malibu Gift Cookies are the Perfect $10 Gourmet Food Gifts

Malibu Gift 08/21/20
$10 gourmet food gift

Ten dollars can get you a lot, but can they get you a lot of genuinely good sweets? Well, don’t worry, you will find plenty of $10 gourmet food gifts here at Malibu Gift. A highlight? Our cookies. There are so many different kinds of cookies that can easily appeal to all sorts of tastes,…

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Finding Sustainable Gourmet Food Gifts Has Never Been Easier

Malibu Gift 08/16/20
sustainable gourmet food gifts

Understandably, there is a recent focus on making everything sustainable. After all, we need to make sure that we ethically consume in a world facing serious environmental problems. This is why Malibu Gift has curated a good collection of sustainable gourmet food gifts for when you are in search of a nice present. Growing Your…

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Explore the Malibu Gift Catalog of Healthy Gourmet Gifts

Malibu Gift 08/11/20
healthy gourmet gifts

It’s so hard to find healthy gourmet gifts nowadays. After all, the Venn diagram between healthy foods and delicious ones has a very limited intersection. The good thing is that the overlap between them can be a lot vaguer than that. Healthy doesn’t have to mean all vegetables. Variety is good, after all! These are…

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A Versatile Coffee Bean Gift Box Helps You Give the Gift of Good Taste

Malibu Gift 08/06/20
coffee bean gift box

There are many ways for you to show your affection for someone else. Whether you do it by planning out getaways or giving presents, there’s always something you can do to remind someone of your appreciation for them. With that intent in mind, we at Malibu Gift offer a coffee bean gift box in different…

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Picking the Right Truffle Gifts for the Occasion in Question

Malibu Gift 08/01/20

Chocolate truffles remain undefeated as some of the best delicacies out there. They are rich and delicious without being overwhelming, carefully balanced in terms of just how indulgent they can be. That’s what makes truffle gifts such wonderful presents. Picking the Best Truffle Gifts Truffles can be good for a variety of special occasions. In…

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Casually Luxurious Gifts for Picky Friends and Family

Malibu Gift 07/24/20
vegan dessert gifts

Heavenly Vegan Treats at Malibu Gift Feeding your vegan friends and family is no easy task, especially when you want to send them delicious vegan dessert gifts. Malibu Gift offers our Classic Caramel Popcorn in a vegan option with truly no difference in taste. Just silky, sweet caramel popcorn with a hint of sea salt!…

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