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Birthday Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

It’s getting to be a common problem: blanking on birthday gift ideas for the person who has everything. It’s not really their fault. They’re not picky, they’re not against gifts, in theory—they just have everything already. Don’t give up. It’s still a meaningful way to surprise someone and let them know what they mean to you. We’ve done our best brainstorming to save the day.

A New Experience

This is one of those suggestions that brings to mind an elaborate gift, like a getaway weekend of hot-air balloon racing. Go ahead and steal that idea if you like, but remember that they might like nothing more than some tickets to the movies. Some possibilities to spark your imagination:

  • Baseball tickets
  • A flower-arranging class
  • A session with a personal stylist
  • A lesson in molecular gastronomy
  • An architectural tour
  • A psychic consultation

Don’t hint that you expect to go along on their adventure, in case they’ve been looking for a way to spend time with another loved one. That’s how you know you really hit the bull’s-eye with this gift. But you can clear your calendar, just in case.

A Good Book

This is a thoughtful gift category that you can interpret any way you want. It’s a surefire birthday gift idea for the person who has everything because there’s no limit to your choices. It can be a beach read they can’t put down or a special edition of a classic. The theme could be poetic, spiritual, travel-related, biographical, historical, or even something you wrote yourself. Even if the birthday person isn’t a big reader, they might appreciate a beautiful blank book, audiobook, cookbook, or elegant coffee table book. Look to the recipient for inspiration, and you’ll find the right thing.

A Custom Box of Sweets

What’s the greatest gift? Yes, we’ll accept “life” as an answer, but also: chocolate! We may be biased, but too many of us deny ourselves our just desserts. Remind the celebrant that they deserve a decadent treat every now and then. You can send a birthday dessert box customized just for them with gourmet versions of their guilty pleasures: dark chocolate, salted caramels, truffles, toffee—whatever their weakness is. Or go with an assortment of something less sugary, like popcorn or coffee.

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