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All the Different Healthy Pet Treats For You to Treat Your Good Dog

We all love our dogs and want them to have everything they could possibly want or desire. Of course, you can’t just give them a bite of your steak, as this could potentially make them sick. When you wish to reward them, you probably want to give them healthy pet treats that can make them happy while also being good for them.

healthy pet treats

Meat-Based Pet Treats

When it comes to giving your dog a treat, you want it to be that thing they can’t eat otherwise. After all, they are getting a treat. And what is something that dogs love but are, in fact, unable to eat most of the time? Well, meat, more than anything. You know it’s happened. You serve your dinner, a delicious steak or chicken, and there they are. Your dog is already waiting by the dinner table, anxiously expecting a bite of their own. This is why so many treats implement liver. After all, animals’ livers are not a part we humans tend to eat a lot, so it makes perfect sense to save it for other uses. That doesn’t mean that liver lacks anything of value! No, not only does it taste delicious for your dog, but it is also rich in Vitamin A. Our Liver Lover Dog Biscuits are wonderful healthy pet treats for your best buddy.

Fruit-Based Pet Treats

Do you know what the most popular treat for dogs is? This might be a surprise, but it’s peanut butter. Do you know what the second most popular treat is? Well, bananas! Yes, dogs really love bananas. They are tasty and they will cherish the chance of getting a taste. Not only that, but they are also a great source of potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, manganese, biotin, copper, and fiber for both humans and dogs. Additionally, they are low in sodium and cholesterol, making them great healthy pet treats. Mind you, there are treats and therefore not ideal for regular consumption. Due to their high sugar levels, dogs shouldn’t be fed bananas that often. This means that as long as you are limiting their banana intake to occasional treats, such as with our Bananable Dog Biscuits, then you can reward your dog with a healthy snack.

Nut-Based Pet Treats

So, remember what we mentioned a paragraph ago? Yes, dogs love peanut butter. Quite a lot of dog owners have given their pets a taste of peanut butter much to the animals’ delight. It’s sweet and salty and all sorts of delicious. Additionally, peanut butter is quite rich in natural fats and proteins, so they’re not only tasty for dogs but they are also nutritious to a decent extent. However, too much direct and unregulated peanut butter can result in obesity or pancreatitis. Also, it’s good to make sure your dog doesn’t have diabetic issues before doing so. At any rate, if you are giving your dogs peanut butter then it should definitely be as the occasional treat. That is what you can find in our PNutter Dog Biscuits, which are sure to delight your dog whenever they deserve a reward (and let’s be honest, when do they not?)

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