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4 Luxurious Gift Ideas for the Grad Who Deserves It

Grad Gift

If you’ve been out of school for a while, you may have forgotten what it’s like. Students spend all those long hours trying to increase their brain capacity, with no reward except for some vague promise of “success” a long way down the road. Graduates have more than earned a little recognition. Say congratulations with these four luxurious gift ideas for the grad who deserves it.

An Adult Bag

In school, bags get stretched out by textbooks and tossed into corners between classes. But when it’s time to focus on a career path, a graduate needs to upgrade to a bag that makes them look like they know what they’re doing. They can always use a briefcase or bag for their laptop that doesn’t look battered. A high-end backpack can help them commute to work in style. Or they might need more presentable luggage for when they come home to visit.

An Elegant Food Box

Whether the graduate is completing high school or college, the odds are that they haven’t spent any time educating their palate with the finer things in life. If they’ve studied all night with the help of pizza and Pop-Tarts, give them luxury food gifts that hint at all the world has to offer. Give them the gift of good taste. You can find chocolate assortments, samplers with coffee, cookies, gourmet popcorn, and more. Or you can customize something just for them.

A Real Set of Sheets

More than one reluctant adult has thrown a comforter over their bed and called it a day. But young people need sheets—real sheets with a respectable thread count and a soft finish. Your grad can use them either in their college dorm room or their first apartment. And if they should get two sets, they’ll experience the ultimate indulgence: they won’t have to wait for their laundry to dry before putting one on their bed.

A Coffeemaker

Their all-nighters probably aren’t over, but they don’t have to be fueled by Monster drinks anymore. A grad deserves a luxurious gift like an appliance that can create their highly specialized coffee of choice right at home. You can choose something at any level, from a French press to a single-cup Keurig machine to an over-the-top espresso maker.

However, you mark the graduate’s big day, bring along something sweet, salty, or savory to the party. MalibuGift has a unique selection of gourmet chocolates, not to mention other snacks, candles, glasses, vintage wine stoppers, and much more. The future looks bright for new graduates, and they’re ready for a taste of success.

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